Frozen Fever T-Shirts: Anna and Elsa's New Dresses

by |March 13, 2015
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Frozen Fever T-Shirts


On Friday, March 13th, Disney had a perfect double-whammy: the release of both the new, live-action Cinderella motion picture AND – what we’re SO excited for – the Frozen Fever animated short, which plays before Cinderella. The 7-minute long Frozen Fever features Anna’s surprise birthday celebration, the song “Making Today a Perfect Day,” and two brand new dresses for the Arendelle sisters. This short also serves as a perfect precursor to Frozen 2, which was officially announced this month.  


To prepare you for the new short and the upcoming sequel, we’ve put together a little primer on what Elsa and Anna look like in Frozen Fever, compared to their main outfits in the original Frozen.  


Disney's Frozen Fever Trailer


First things first: here is the official trailer for Frozen Fever. Take a look! You’ll see all of the best characters: Anna and Elsa, of course, but Sven and Kristoff, and even Olaf. Keep an ear out for the new song, too!



Alright, watched it? Onto the costume comparisons!


Elsa in Frozen vs Elsa in Frozen Fever


Elsa's New Dress in Frozen Fever



Elsa’s classic, icy gown in 2013’s mega-famous Frozen was an instant hit. As you can see on the left, her dress features pale blues and sparkly, silver crystals. It’s long and flowing with a shiny blue cap, and long gauze-y sleeves. On the right, however, it’s clear that Elsa has spring fever. Her dress is a vibrant green, which looks like it was inspired by a beautiful meadow. There are still details of the signature shimmer from Elsa’s original look, but the short sleeves on this dress show that she’s ready for warmer weather. Bad news though! We hear in Frozen Fever that poor Elsa has a cold. And we have a feeling that you don’t want to be around someone with her powers when they sneeze …


Anna in Frozen vs Anna in Frozen Fever


Anna's New Dress in Frozen Fever

[source: left I right ]


In Frozen Fever, Princess Anna is the birthday girl of honor. Her outfit in the new animated short isn’t too incredibly different, but is definitely more colored for warmer weather, rather than a wintery adventure. On the left, in Frozen, Anna wears a long sleeved gown with a magenta cape. Her dress and boots are darker colored, and feature intricate floral designs. On the right, in the new mini-film, Anna is dressed for a spring party. Her gown is green and blue, with bright flowers decorating her vest and skirt. She is as cute as ever!


Frozen Fever T-Shirts


With all this exciting news about one of our favorite Disney movies, there’s no better time to pull your Frozen t-shirts out of the closet. Here are a couple of the ones we have that we know you’ll love. Don't forget to take a look at the new Frozen Fever designs, too!


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So on a scale from one to Olaf’s love of the sunshine, how excited are you for the new Frozen stuff?! The mini-film will be so cute, hopefully enough to tide us over for the big sequel. Of course, Cinderella itself looks amazing, too! Let us know in the comments what you'd like to see in Frozen 2.

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