DIY T-Shirt Stencils Tutorial: Star Wars Edition [Printables]

by |April 2, 2015
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DIY Star Wars T-Shirt Stencils


There’s nothing like the feeling of pride and accomplishment of finishing a craft project. It’s even better if that project takes less than an afternoon’s worth of time! You’re in luck, because these stencils are it. We are just so excited for the new Star Wars movie coming out that we made five FREE printable stencils for you to use and enjoy. See below for a tutorial on how to create your own custom t-shirt!


DIY T-Shirt Stencil Craft Tutorial


Supplies Needed:

  • Blank t-shirts – you can find all of our sizes, styles, and colors here!
  • From a craft store: fabric paint, sponge paint brush, and an exacto knife.
  • From an office supply store: adhesive sticker paper.


Step One: Print Out Stencils

Free Printable Star Wars Stencils

Click the Image Above to Download the Stencils


After you download the PDF files of the stencils above, print them out on adhesive craft paper. Make sure that the image prints out on the top side of the paper, so you'll be peeling off the back to create a sticker.


Step Two: Cut Out Stencils


How to make a stencil t-shirt


The black portion of each stencil is where your paint will be applied – so it’s the part that's got to go! In the example above, the “What A Piece of Junk” stencil, those letters? They will be stuck on to your shirt separately, so don’t toss them when you exacto them out. (You’ll see later!)


Cutting out a stencil for a t-shirt


Step Three: Stick Stencils to Shirt


DIY T-Shirt Stencil Crafts Star Wars T-Shirt Crafts


After you have everything cut out, now you can place the pieces onto your t-shirt. Peel the backing off the paper so you have one big sticker (it’s fun!), and take your time to place the biggest outline part down first. After that, lay each letter down without peeling off the backing to get the perfect placement – then secure each letter down one at a time!


Step Four: Paint & Peel!


Painting a DIY Stencil


Alright, just a little bit more:

  • Take your sponge brush and your fabric paint and paint that sucker! Use a dabbing motion so you don’t accidentally pull up the stickers. Make sure you get it all!
  • LET IT DRY! It doesn’t have to be over night, but maybe 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how much paint you slathered on.
  • And, finallyyyy – peel off the stickers! We used an exacto knife to kind of pull up the corner of the littler stickers (be careful not to rip your shirt, though!) and removed them all, carefully.


That’s it! Wear your new stencil shirt loud and proud – you DIY-ed it, so show it off.


Girls Star Wars T-Shirt


What other custom t-shirt projects have you created with blank tees? Have you made your own stencils or created some other type of DIY t-shirt printing? Show us in the comments! If you would like to see other types of stencils, let us know that, too. Happy crafting! If maayyybe you’re not in the mood for a project, you can always take a look at our Star Wars t-shirts here.

·         ET IT DRY! It doesn’t have to be over night, but maybe 45 minutes to over an hour, depending on how much paint you slathered on.

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