Personality Test: Which Avengers Character Are You?

by |April 3, 2015
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The Avengers Personality Test


The Avengers are more than their many, superior-strengthened parts and abilities. They also have brains that contain different personalities, different temperaments, different likes and dislikes, and different insulting names for each other. The various personalities of the Avengers team is part of the reason why we love them. They seldom get along and that is often a larger hurdle to Earth-saving than the angry Asgardian supervillain wielding a magical scepter. Their petty humanity amidst otherworldly danger makes them relatable and all the more fun to root for. Find out which Avenger personality traits you most relate to with the list below.


Are you an introvert?

Then You Are: The Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America

The Avengers Hulk



You gather strength and energy from being alone and often feel alone in a crowd.


Personality theorists will often signify trust as a significant trait in many introverts. Whether it be a fear of trust or lack of trust in others, it is easy to see why we listed these three as Avenger introverts. The Hulk’s human counterpart Bruce Banner is a mild-mannered scientist who must remain calm under pressure or else risk turning into the rampaging green, gamma-ray monster. For everyone’s safety, it is best that Banner remains more interested in solitary pursuits. Black Widow has her own trust issues stemming from her troubled childhood as a Russian orphan. It also likely a detriment to the job as a Soviet KGB spy to be overly gregarious. Captain America is a people pleaser and generally liked amongst the group, but inside he is still the frail, shy boy who lost both his mother and father early on and had his best friend Bucky turn traitor.


Are you an extrovert?

Then You Are: Iron Man, Thor, Nick Fury

The Avengers Iron Man



You instantly command authority and inspire others through action.


Extroverts instantly command authority and inspire others through action. Every effective group needs an assertive personality to take charge and make difficult decisions. Tony Stark aka Iron Man is a genius inventor behind closed doors, but he’s also a boisterous party boy who thrives off the energy of large groups. He is the person who walks in a room and instantly affects the mood. Thor is also a born leader, the blood-son of Odin, and the closest thing to an immortal god in the Avengers clan. Nick Fury as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. has the unenviable task of keeping these various personalities from tearing each other apart; no small feat for this controversial, cigar-chomping extrovert.


Are you a techie?

Then You Are: Iron Man, The Hulk, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Black Widow

Iron Man Gif


Gadgets, doo-dads, and gizmos are your bestest of friends.


Iron Man is the most obvious example here as the CEO and founder of Stark Industries. Bruce Banner is also no slouch when it comes to white-coated experimenting, even if that experimenting ultimately led to his incredibly unsafe super-power. Black Widow has thoroughly mastered all the latest super-spy gadgets to disguise herself and keep up with all those supervillains (and heroes) that have superior and often otherworldly powers. It’s not always easy being a totally normal, non-god-like human in the Avengers circle, but tech skills always help!


Are you rebellious?

Then You Are: Iron Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury

The Avengers Nick Fury



You are defiant, even when the odds are stacked against you.


It takes some chutzpah and a serious streak of rebelliousness to start up a billion dollar company, try to rob said billion dollar company, or enlist the help of said billionaire to put together a team of superheroes to battle intergalactic and domestic threats. There is nothing inherently wrong with being a rebel and these three characters have clearly harnessed their rebellious nature to the best of their ability and used it to their advantage. Nick Fury’s famous line in The Avengers is pure rebel with a cause: “I recognize the council has made a decision… but given that it’s a stupid-$%# decision, I’ve elected to ignore it.”


Are you straight laced?

Then You Are: The Hulk (Bruce Banner, anyway), Captain America, Thor

The Avengers Captain America



If you refrain from philandering, lying and sometimes simply want to enjoy a night in with Mjölnir.


The bespeckled Bruce Banner with his dad-suits and perfectly parted hair is definitely a straight laced guy – until you threaten his friends or destroy his science lab. Captain America is the all-American boy with 1950’s manners in a modern world. Thor is a righteous semi-god so he has to play the part, keeping the shenanigans to a minimum. Embrace your inner conservative, push your glasses up on your nose and take on some New York-wrecking baddies in true Avenger style.


 Are you jovial?

Then You Are: Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye

The Avengers Iron Man Quote



You love a good joke, a clever quip or perfectly timed turn of phrase – and the Avengers have no shortage of such!


The Avengers’ resident jovial jokester is obviously Tony Stark, with a snarky comment at the ready in even the most perilous of situations. Will he make fun of you for your dangerous rage disease? Yep! But he does it with love and a smirk so it’s OK. Thor is another guy that, more often than not, has a smile on his face and is always open to some good natured ribbing. He’s the kind of guy who probably wrestles with other men for fun, laughing the entire time. You know the guy.


No matter what personality profile you fall into, we think we can all agree it will be a blast to see the many strong characters of the Avengers franchise assemble again in the upcoming Age of Ultron. Prepare yourself for the return of everyone’s favorite wise-cracking, villain-crushing superheroes and show your Marvel pride with an Avengers t-shirt or hoodie from our shop.

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