The Evolution of Daredevil [Infographic]

by |April 6, 2015

The Evolution of Daredevil Infographic Header


April 2015 marks the return of Daredevil to the screen - this time, though, it's to the small screen and includes far less Ben Affleck. Netflix's Daredevil marks the first time The Man Without Fear has been on any screen since 2003. Neflix's version promises to be darker and more gritty than Affleck's Daredevil. The best part is that Daredevil is only one of a handful of new shows produced by Neftlix that will take place in the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means we may get to see the new Daredevil kick it with the likes of Iron Man, The Hulk, and the rest of The Avengers. In celebration of the return of Daredevil, we wanted to take a look back to all the different costumes Matt Murdock has used in his time fighting crime in Hell's Kitchen.


The Evolution of Daredevil Infographic

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Do you recognize all of the looks Daredevil has used in his career, or did some slip under your radar (see what we did there)? We're excited to see how this new Daredevil will change and evolve over the course of what we're sure will be a smashing success for Netflix and Marvel alike. While you ride the hype-train, make sure you're decked out in all the best Daredevil shirts, which, of course, you can find HERE on!

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