Game of Thrones: A Chart of Height and Stature [Infographic]

by |April 20, 2015
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Game of Thrones Height Chart Infographic


According to IMDb, there have been well over 400 actors cast in the Game of Thrones series. That's a lot. (How many were killed on screen, well... that's probably another large number.) That said, we've obviously never seen everyone all together. The main characters are scattered throughout the seven kingdoms and storylines don't cross all too often. So, we wanted to see how each character compared to the next. Liiiike, who is the tallest Lannister? (Tywin.) How big are the giants, really? (Big.) And is the Mountain really that super-sized? (Yes.) Be sure to click the image to see this chart in its full glory! And don't worry, if you're caught up through season four, this infographic is spoiler-free!


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Game of Thrones Height Chart Infographic


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We're obviously already loving season five of Game of Thrones. Maybe we'll make another height chart once this season is through, to include the several dozen new characters that will be introduced (and most likely, killed off). Before that happens, though, check out all of our Game of Thrones t-shirts! (Spoiler: a lot of them say "Winter is Coming.")

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