10 Things Mario and Star Wars Have in Common

by |May 4, 2015
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10 Things Star Wars and Mario Have in Common


Mario's adventures always take place on the other end of a set of tubes, while the Star Wars galaxy takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Take a closer look, though, and you might find that the two realities have more in common than you might have originally thought! In the spirit of Star Wars Day, here are 10 things that are alike in both famous franchises.


1. Kidnapped Princess

Princess Leia with Stormtroopers



Super Mario Bros sort of set the standard for video game plots of the 80's: Villain kidnaps good guy's girlfriend. Good guy fights bad guy to save girlfriend. Rinse. Repeat for a couple of sequels. Of course, Mario's girlfriend just happens to be a princess and any boyfriend worth his salt would gladly jump down some sewer pipes to fight a few Koopa Troopas and save his princess girlfriend.

Luke saved princesses years before Mario ate his first Super Mushroom, but the plot remains similar. Princess is in distress. Ordinary Joe takes it upon himself to save her. Of course, spaceships, droids and lightsabers provide a slightly new twist.



2. Fraternal Twins

Mario and Luigi



There's nothing like a little brotherly love to warm your heart, and Luigi is one awesome brother. Every time Bowser swoops in to kidnap Mario's girl, Luigi never hesitates to put his life in danger to help his bro out. (Most brothers spent most of their time threatening siblings with noogies and swirlies.)

Luke and Leia share a similar bond. When one gets into trouble, the other comes along to give a hand. Whether Leia needs a prison break out of The Death Star, or Luke needs an emergency ride away from Bespin, these two have no problem going the distance for one another. Also, Luke probably doesn't give Leia noogies. (Seriously, too many of those things will mess your childhood up.)



3. Tubes

Mario Warpzone



Everyone knows that jumping down tubes accounts for a large portion of Mario's transportation methods. He uses them to travel to crazy worlds filled with danger and wonder. Star Wars is no stranger to the “tube-slide” move either. Luke jumps down tubes in two of his appearances in the movies, once down a garbage chute and another time on Bespin to escape Vader. The next time you watch the garbage compactor scene in A New Hope, just imagine it was set to the sound of Mario entering a warp pipe.



4. Mustaches

Lando Calrissian's Mustache



Mustaches mean many things to many different men. Some guys wear one to bring out their rugged, masculine side. Others wear one because they want to look like Tom Selleck. (And who wouldn't want to look like that dreamboat?) This brings us to the next similarity. Both Mario and Lando Calrissian wear a mean mustache.

Coincidence? Probably! Mario wears one to symbolize his strong Italian roots. Everyone knows that Italians can grow the best mustaches. It also might be some kind of requirement that all plumbers working in New York need to grow one to hold a plumbing license. We're not sure about that, so you may want to check with city officials to get the real scoop. Lando wears one because he's a smooth-talking ladies man. A good stache is like Kryptonite to a woman's heart. Those are some pretty different reasons, but when it comes right down to it, both guys know when to put the razor down and let that fuzzy face buddy grow!



5. Ghosts

King Boo



Ghosts seem to make trouble for both of the franchise protagonists. King Boo and his cronies constantly assault Mario any time he enters a castle, proving once again that most kings are royal jerks. They also play tennis and race go karts with him. (It's really strange relationship.)

Luke encounters Obi-Wan's Force Ghost plenty of times throughout the trilogy. His main purpose in the movies is to recon key plot elements and reveal them to Luke when he needs them most. While this might not seem like “trouble” initially, it does make for quite the problem learning that the guy you need to take down in order to save the galaxy just happens to be your father. It's kind of a jerk move that Obi-Wan didn't just tell Luke the truth in the first place, but since Obi-Wan did eventually help Luke destroy the Death Star, he gets a pass on that one.



6. Mushroom-Shaped Heads




Toad's head was intended to look like a mushroom. Why? Mushrooms have always been a recurring theme in the Super Mario Bros games and perhaps only Shigeru Miyamoto will know the complete reason. Luke's favorite droid pal, R2-D2, also has a round, mushroom cap shaped head with a blue color swap.

Of course, the two little sidekicks share plenty of other similarities. Both Toad and R2-D2 help the heroes complete their journey by being the perfect wingmen. Toad supplies Mario with crazy power-ups via his famous Mushroom Houses, and R2-D2 hangs on to Luke's lightsaber, a power-up of sorts, in Return of the Jedi.



7. Yoshi and Tauntauns

Mario Riding Yoshi



Although everyone would probably agree that Yoshi is smarter than your average tauntaun, the two share a lot in common. Both of them double as a means of transportation for the heroes of their stories. Both of them also make some pretty strange sounds. (They also probably both smell about as good as a poorboy sandwich that was left sitting on a radiator for a week, but there's no evidence of that.) The main difference between the two is that Luke's tauntaun turned into a makeshift sleeping bag, while Yoshi still hangs around with Mario and races go-karts.



8. Green Creatures that Start with the Letter "Y"

Yoda at the Jedi Council



Yoshi shares some things in common with more than one character in the Star Wars Trilogy. Not only does he look a little like a Tauntaun, but he also happens to be a green, non-humanoid creature with a name that starts with the letter “Y.” Star Wars has one of those too. He might be a little shorter than Yoshi, but Yoda has all of those things in common with the green dinosaur from Super Mario World.



9. Tongue Move

Jar Jar's Tongue



You might like to pretend that Jar-Jar Binks never happened, but he did and you have to live with that knowledge forever. Remember that scene where he uses his long tongue to eat food at the Skywalker family table? Doesn't that seem a little familiar? It's the same move Yoshi uses to eat apples and bad guys. When Yoshi does it, he's being charming and useful. When it's Jar-Jar, it really just gives you another reason to find him annoying. When Liam Neeson grabs his tongue to stop him, it's a cause for a round of applause.



10. Hairy Guys

Snowy Chewbacca



Both Mario and Star Wars have a hairy guy in their midsts. The Mario franchise's resident hairy guy is Donkey Kong, who for some reason, felt the need to steal Mario's first love, Pauline. He's since reformed his ways and become an expert pilot, as proven by his appearances in the Mario Kart series.

Chewbacca holds the position of resident hairy guy in Star Wars. He shares the same brown coat of fur as Donkey Kong and he's also a pretty good pilot. He shares a few other similarities to DK. They both only wear one piece of clothing. Donkey Kong likes to stick to his classy neck tie, while Chewie wears naught but a bandoleer.


Can you think of any more ways that the two franchises are alike? Feel free to share them via our comments section, by paper airplane, or by using telepathy. (We can't guarantee that the latter two methods will actually reach us.) In the meantime, our Star Wars t-shirts are here and our Nintendo shirts are here!