Just Here For The Gasoline: A Mad Max Primer [Infographic]

by |May 11, 2015
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Mad Max Primer


To say that Mad Max: Fury Road is a film three decades in the making is not an overstatement. Director George Miller created an iconic, desolate wasteland setting in the outback of Australia, filled it with bondage-clad baddies and bike-upon-car-upon-mac-truck-upon-gyrocopter, and let Mel Gibson loose to make sense of it. We've seen Mad Max, The Road Warrior, and Beyond Thunderdome, and now, 30 years later, we get Fury Road, which comes out May 15th, 2015. As we've seen in the trailers, Max is played by Tom Hardy, but looks as beat up and road-weary as ever. To prepare yourself for part four of this movie series, we've created a poster-slash-primer, filling you in on important dates, facts, and trivia from each film.


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Mad Max Infographic


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Mad Max Wallpapers

We've also created some wallpapers for you. Feel free to download each movie poster as a desktop image for your PC, Mac, or phone.


Mad Max: PC | Mac | Mobile

The Road Warrior: PC | Mac | Mobile

Beyond Thunderdome: PC | Mac | Mobile

Fury Road: PC | Mac | Mobile


Which is your favorite Mad Max film? Thoughts on Fury Road? Cautiously optimistic or full-blown estatic? Let us know in the comments!


Infographic Design Credit: Jacob Kuddes

Infographic Writing Credit: MaDonna Sheehy

MaDonna Sheehy
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