Mother's Day Gift Idea: Kid's Art Custom T-Shirts

by |May 7, 2015
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Mother's Day Gifts


Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 10th. Year after year, you want to give your mom the best, most appreciative gift you can think of, but after a while, it's hard to come up with that perfect present. (It's tough to top yourself!) Here's a great idea for this time around: create a custom t-shirt for your mom featuring her kid's artwork. It could be current pictures by her kids now, or, to bump up the nostalgia-level of your present, the t-shirts could show your drawings from when you were little. Here's how to do it!



1. Create Your Mother's Day Cards

Kids Drawing Mother's Day Cards


Everyone loves arts and crafts day! Gather the kids, pull out the markers and crayons, and go to town on some construction paper. The brighter, the better! This will be your t-shirt design.



2. Collect Your Drawings

Kid's Mother Day Drawings


Gather the art that would look best on a t-shirt. Also an option: raiding the fridge door. Scan the photos into your computer and save the files.


Cute Kid's Art for Mother's Day



3. Use The Custom T-Shirt Designer

Custom T-Shirt Designer


Now it's time to make your own shirt! Using our custom t-shirt creator tool on, simply upload the files of your kid's drawings and place them on the shirt size, color, and style that you want. Place your order and wait for your personalized gift to show up on your doorstep!



4. Give Your Mom a Great Gift!

Kids Art T-Shirts


That's it! Four steps, and you're done! Once the custom shirts arrive, your mom can proudly display the fact that she has some great artists in her life that know how to give a great Mother's Day present.


Mother's Day Custom T-Shirts


Let us know if you make a shirt showing off some art! Post a pic in the comments, because we'd love to see. We also have pre-made Mother's Day t-shirts if you don't have any Picassos ready to donate their drawings quite yet.


Mother's Day T-Shirt Coupon


We also have a great deal for this weekend - Buy One Shirt, Get One Half Off. Use this link to shop on to get your discount. This offer only applies through the weekend!

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