6 DisneyBound Outfit Ideas

by |May 26, 2015
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DisneyBound Outfit Ideas


One of our favorite current fashion trends is DisneyBounding! To DisneyBound is to dress up in an outfit inspired by your favorite cartoon – not quite a costume, not quite cosplay, a little more stylish than just a Disney t-shirt, but something you could wear every day that represents a Disney character. We love this idea so much that we came up with six different outfits – three sets of cute couples! – to help inspire you to create your own DisneyBound look.



Mickey and Minnie Mouse DisneyBound

Mickey and Minnie Mouse DisneyBound


Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the power couple in the Disney world. Mickey came to life in 1928, and Minnie soon followed in 1930. To emulate this first couple of cuteness, you really have to embrace your love of black and red …and in Minnie’s case, polka dots.


Mickey and Minnie Outfit Collage

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The Little Mermaid DisneyBound

Ariel and Prince Eric DisneyBound


Hipster Ariel and summer-y Prince Eric would be a great couples outfit idea for a hot day at Disney World or hanging out on the beach. We took a purple shirt, flipped it inside out to hide the design on the right side, and then tied it up in the front to make it cute and cropped.


Little Mermaid Outfit Collages

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Star Wars DisneyBound

Han Solo and Chewbacca DisneyBound


DisneyBound isn’t limited to just animated characters, either! Star Wars is a Disney property now, but did you really need an excuse to dress up as Han and super-cozy Chewbacca? No. Just do it, seriously, it’s the cutest. For this fashionable Chewie look, we flipped a Chewbacca costume tank inside out, but it would totally work to wear it the correct way for an extra furry effect.  


Star Wars Outfit Collage

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We hope you liked our outfit ideas as much as we liked putting them together. Have you ever worn a DisneyBound outfit before? We just want to do more, more, more! We also have Disney shirts here if you’d rather just chill in jeans and a t-shirt. We have plenty of styles, from Frozen to Mickey, as well as some cute tanks and Disney sweatshirts.

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