From Kawaii to Punk: Fashion Styles by Genre [VIDEO]

by |June 4, 2015
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Fashion Styles by Genre Video


Fans of most genres of pop culture have their own fashion, makeup looks, or hairstyles, that help separate them from other subcultures. While these choices aren’t 100% locked down, no-exceptions-allowed rules on how to be a fan, some common themes do show up in each genre. For example, a spiky mohawk on a fan of late-70s punk rock wearing vintage t-shirts, or super bouncy, cute pigtails on a fan of Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty. We created this video showing six genres and the makeup and hair that goes along with it. (And about 80 t-shirts between them all.)   




Fashion Styles by Genre T-Shirts

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What was your favorite look? The Princess Leia double-buns are pretty classic, but we can’t say no to a crimper and hair metal makeup. Let us know in the comments what look you’d like to see next!

MaDonna Sheehy
MaDonna Sheehy

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