Marvel Movie History [Infographic]

by |July 13, 2015
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In 1986, George Lucas wanted to step away from directing films and move on to producing them. He teamed up with a group of writers from Marvel Comics to produce Howard the Duck, arguably one of the WORST movies ever made. Flash forward to 2015: Marvel has become their own production company and is a juggernaut at the box office. Marvel Studios holds many box office records, including three of the four largest opening weekends of all time. So how did we get from the likes of Howard the Duck and The Punisher starring Dolph Lundgren (yes, Ivan Drago himself) to the likes of Iron Man and The Avengers? Take the journey with us as we explore the history of Marvel at the movies with this infographic.


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Marvel at the Movies Infographic


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What a long journey it has been, and oh, how much more we have to go! Did we bring back some memories of your favorite (or least favorite) Marvel movies? Are you looking forward to the future of Marvel Studios and its impressive cinematic universe? Comment below with your favorite Marvel movie fact and be sure to check out our huge selection of superhero shirts!



Infographic Design Credit: Kate Willaert

Infographic Writing Credit: David Rosencrance

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