Final Fantasy: Behind the Bestiary [Infographic]

by |July 20, 2015

Final Fantasy: Behind the Bestiary


Final Fantasy is a wildly successful series of games and other media developed by Square Enix. The franchise began as a role-playing video game for the Famicom—later released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the U.S.—drawing from Asian, European, and Middle-Eastern fantasy along with time travel and futuristic elements. Successive games have pushed the boundaries of futurism and also dabbled in steampunk and the post-apocalypse. Square Enix has taken a similar approach with their media: in addition to the dozens of video games, they have developed films and television series, manga and novels, and soundtracks.

Even through ever-changing genres and media forms, Final Fantasy is perhaps most well-known for its recurring cast of monsters that serve to hinder and test the heroes. Enjoy this "museum tour" through six of those monsters, their etymology and backgrounds, and a glimpse at how their appearances have evolved throughout the games.



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Final Fantasy: Behind the Bestiary


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Which monsters were your favorites to battle or summon? Did you already know where they came from? And, most importantly, weren’t those Moogles adorable?! Talk to us in the comments below! And remember, if you’re feeling nostalgic for Final Fantasy, we have a variety of video game shirts to show your love for retro games!



Infographic Design Credit: Brady Johnson

Infographic Writing Credit: Wyatt Edwards

Wyatt Edwards
Wyatt Edwards

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