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by |July 15, 2015
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SDCC Announcements


Every year, thousands and thousands of fans flock to California for the best show on earth: The San Diego Comic-Con. The convention has been held since the 70s, and, every year, the hype just gets larger and larger. Production companies use the Con to announce big news, release new trailers, and to generate excitement for pretty much ANYTHING pop culture related. This year, obviously, was no different. Here are some of the biggest annoucements that came from the 2015 SDCC and the perfect shirts for superfans who are just as excited as we are.



Star Wars

Star Wars SDCC 2015



Episode VII: The Force Awakens is proooobably the most anticipated film of the year? Decade? All time?! Whatever the answer, you cannot deny the excitement that has surrounded the new Star Wars film. SDCC saw the arrival of Harrison Ford, looking so dapper and healthy after his plane crash in March, as well as a new teaser clip! Plus, Harrison shared a classic smooch with the real life Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher. Mwah!


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Batman vs. Superman

Batman Vs Superman Still



While we can't necessarily condone the behavoir of these two superheroes (why can't you just get along, boys?), we caaan get behind watching the new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer more than once or twice or ... you know, it's up to you. Have you not watched it yet?! Get on that, kids! However, some post-Con drama: Jesse Eisenberg compared the Con attendees to, um, genocide. Maybe he's just a method actor and he's really getting into the Lex Luther spirit.


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Comic Con Por Favor Deadpool Pic



Ohhhh, Ryan Reynolds, is there anything you can't do?! From Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place to this... the Merc with a Mouth who loves to tear down that fourth wall like it was the Berlin, uh... Wall. Marvel played a not-quite-yet released trailer from the new Deadpool film at the Con, complete with plenty of swear words and Salt 'n Pepa. Keep a look out for the preview, though - looks like it's been wiped from the internet as of right now.


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The Walking Dead

Fear of Walking Dead Poster SDCC



It was a great year for The Walking Dead at this year's Comic-Con. For one, there was the trailer for Fear the Walking Dead, AMC's new series, which is a prequel to the most famous zombie-themed TV show ever. And second, a trailer for the sixth season of aforementioned most famous zombie-themed TV show of all time. Looks as creepy as ever!


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New Ghostbusters Female Cast



Say what you will about the Ghostbusters reboot, but MAN, is that not an amazing promo still?! These four ladies are looking exceptionally perfect standing in front of the Ecto-1, just mean muggin' any ghost, phantom, or specter that creeps their way.


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X-Men: Apocalypse

Channing Tatum as Gambit SDCC 15



News alert: Channing Tatum is one big nerd. Who wears a t-shirt of the character you're playing in a movie? Tackkyyyy. JK, it's awesome. We would, too, if we were Gambit. Some people speculate that his appearance means that Gambit might show up for a bit in X-Men: Apocalypse, but maybe Channing just wanted to hang out with all his friends. Have you ever thought of that?! (Oh, and new trailer for Apocalypse!)


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Suicide Squad

SDCC Suicide Squad



They didn't have a panel at SDCC, but the cast of the upcoming Suicide Squad showed up to get all of us even more excited than we already are for the new film. The trailer is out, too, which, uh... frankly, really scares us a bit. But, in the BEST WAY. Jared Leto was NOT at the Con, though, because he was probably at home recovering from how incredibly creepy he was in the trailer by drinking some tea and watching Disney movies. We're with you, Leto. 


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Game of Thrones

Cast of Game of Thrones at SDCC 2015



BEWARE: *SPOILERS* The one thing people want to know about season six of Game of Thrones is... Jon Snow?! White Walker invasion? Yeah, yeah. Sansa and Theon jumping out of Winterfell? They'll be fine, we can wait. JON SNOW?! His fate is a NEED TO KNOW status. We're sorry for all the caps, but this is serious stuff. The internet has been on high alert in a #kitharingtonhairwatch, scruntizing every appearance of the actor and the length of his luscious locks. Of course, he was NOT in attendance this last weekend at the Con. Of course. Howeverrr, we will admit that seeing all the other cast members was really fun, and this audition reel was incredible to watch. Tormund = perfection.


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SDCC, we miss you already! But, we can't wait to enjoy all the movies and TV shows you've gotten us excited for. What was your favorite news from the Con? What announcements did we miss? Don't forget that has a t-shirt for any fan, from movies and TV shows, to comic books and superheroes. 

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