Pride T-Shirts: DIY Stencils and Tie Dye Tutorials

by |July 29, 2015
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DIY Pride T-Shirts


Between the parades, the annual festivals, and the SCOTUS decision, this is a banner year for LGBT Pride. We wanted to help the nation celebrate equality the best way we know how: via t-shirt! We grabbed a bunch of plain, white tees, some craft supplies, and went to town on making our own custom t-shirts for the next Gay Pride event. Here are a few tutorials on how to stencil your shirt, how to tie dye the shirts in rainbow colors, and, of course, some free designs for you to print out and use yourself!



Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirt DIY

How to Tie Dye a Rainbow T-Shirt DIY

*Tsk, Tsk!* These crafters should be wearing plastic gloves!


Materials Used:

  • Blank t-shirts.
  • Rubber bands.
  • Shirt dye, found at craft store.
  • Plastic bucket.
  • Plastic bags.


While it's a bit messy, tie dying tees is a perfect craft to do on a hot, summer day. There are many different methods for accomplishing this project, but here is what WE did!

  1. Soak the white shirts in water. Wring them out, so they're still damp, but not dripping, and lay them on your work space.
  2. Pick your pattern! Roll it up as per the instructions and tightly secure with rubber bands.
  3. Add the dye. Try to really get that dye to soak up, otherwise you'll have lots of white spots.
  4. Individually wrap each shirt in a plastic bag and let sit over night.
  5. The next day, take the shirts out, remove the rubber bands, then rinse with cold water until the water runs clear.
  6. The next few washes in the washing machine, make sure to have the shirts in a seperate load, otherwise you'll have rainbow everything!


Free Tie Dye Patterns



Here are the patterns that we followed. We recommend the stripes, spiral, and rainbow! But, you have artistic freedom to try any type of pattern you want. JUST PROMISE: if it turns out cool, you HAVE to tell us how you did it.



T-Shirt Stencil DIY

T-Shirt Stencil DIY for Pride


Lucky for you, we already have an awesome Star Wars themed stencil tutorial FOUND HERE. The trick is to cut out the black parts. It's super easy, trust us.



Free Stencils & Custom T-Shirt Images


Click any stencil for a printable PDF file.

Gay for Bae Stencil Two Female Signs Stencil Two Male Signs Stencil I Love My Girlfriend Stencil Love Wins Stencil Love is Love Stencil

Alternately, the two images below can be plugged into our custom t-shirt creator and printed out. Again, click the images for a PDF file to save.


Custom Pride Shirt Custom Pride Shirt Rainbow



Blank T-Shirts

Blank White T-Shirts

Men's Pima White Crew T-Shirt - Shop      Women's Pima White Crew T-Shirt - Shop


These are the white t-shirts that we used in our tutorials. Any white shirt will do, but, like we mentioned above, make sure to rinse them first before applying the tie dye.



Be Proud In Your New Shirt!

Shirts to wear to Pride Fest

These shirts are great for hanging out with your friends or going to a Pride-centric event.


Rainbow T-Shirt Ideas and Inspiration



Let us know if you try any of these projects! We'd love to see the results, so send them in, or tag us on Instagram at @shirtsdotcom_. We also have some Gay Pride t-shirts available on our site.



Shirt Design Credit: Ben Lundsten

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