6 Delicious Wonder Woman Cocktail Recipes

by |August 4, 2015
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Wonder Woman Drink Recipes


Theme parties. Is there anything more fun to plan than one of these? NO. With all this talk about the Wonder Woman movie, which is set for 2017, and Gal Gadot’s appearance as the superheroine in DC Comics’ upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Amazonian princess more than deserves a bash thrown in her honor. If you want to host a Wonder Woman party, refreshments are a must. We love a good menu-planning session, so we got to work right away. Here are the six cocktail recipes we created, inspired by Wonder Woman and the characters in her world. Salut!



1. The Golden Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman Cocktail - Golden Lasso of Truth


The drink inspired by the lady herself features a twisted lemon peel, which is in place to represent her famous lasso. The cocktail is tough, but feminine. Sweet looking, but packs a punch. Just like a certain superheroine we know! Extra suggestion: try finding as crystal clear of a martini glass as possible to to act as Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet. Oh, but you want an entire drink devoted to her transparent transportation? The look to #6 on this list!



2. The Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman Cocktail - The Steve Trevor


Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s main squeeze, is a manly and sophisticated military intelligence officer, so, of course, he needs just as sophisticated of a drink to be worthy of his name. It was just announced that Chris Pine recently joined the Wonder Woman film cast as Steve, and can't you so see the studly actor sipping on this cocktail? So refined, so handsome, so delicious. The drink, that is!



3. Hippolyta's Pick-Me-Up

Hippolyta's Pick Me Up Cocktail for a Wonder Woman Party


Our superheroine Wonder Woman is also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira and the character has origins in Greek mythology. This drink, inspired by her mother, Hippolyta, pays homage to that heritage. The main ingredient of this pick-me-up cocktail is ouzo, probably one of the best known Greek liqueurs, and the ice cream is representative of the clay that Hippolyta sculpted Wonder Woman out of.



4. Claws of the Cheetah

Wonder Woman Cocktail - Claws of the Cheetah


Here is a Bloody Maria for the bloodthirsty Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s arch enemy. This drink can be as spicy or as mild as you want, but to best honor the villainess’ attitude, you better add a few more dashes of the Frank’s Red Hot. The black olives are meant to represent her feline spots on her fur. Yikes! As always, with any Bloody Mary or Maria, feel free to customize the beverage as much as you want. These are only suggestions!



5. Circe's Incantation

Wonder Woman Cocktail - Circe's Incantation


Circe is a cunning sorceress, known for her wits, her beauty, and her wickedness. This drink – which is as pretty as it is deadly  – may not turn you into a pig, which is one of Circe’s favorite hobbies, but you never know what might happen if you drink more than two or three of these. The Viniq is a shimmery liqueur, pleasing to the eye like the immortal foe to Wonder Woman, and the purple matches the hair of the villainess.



6. The Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman Cocktail - The Invisible Jet


And here it is, folks: the piece de resistance. The Invisible Jet is a showstopper… just as long as you follow the directions! Inspired by Wonder Woman’s transportation of choice, this drink includes some white rum and white grape juice to mimic the clear exterior of the plane and then finishes with a stunning blue flame on top. Which, obviously, is in place to signify the fire that shoots out from the jet engine. Yum! But, please be careful.


We hope you liked our drink recipes! Which was your favorite? Any other suggestions you'd have for a Wonder Woman cocktail menu? What other superhero beverages would you like to see us plan? Let us know in the comments! Check out our Wonder Woman shirts and hoodies, too! You'll love them, we promise.



Design Credit: Jacob Kuddes

Drink Recipe Credit: Bob Pavlenko

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