14 Awesome Upcycled and DIY Shirt Projects for the Gym

by |August 13, 2015
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DIY Workout and Gym Shirts Crafts


Look like a beauty, train like a beast. These words can obviouslyyy apply to your toned muscles after leg day, but the “look like a beauty” part can also mean your gym clothes. Yes, we know that going to work out isn’t a fashion show, but haven’t you heard, “look good, feel good”? Here are 14 different DIY projects using t-shirts that can help you LOOK GOOD at the gym, save some money (upcycled crafts!), and, in turn, feel great!



DIY Workout Tank Tops & Crop Tops


1. DIY No Sew Racerback Tank Top

DIY Racerback No Sew



If anyone knows how to dress in a perfectly athletic way, it's gotta be ESPN. The famous sports news site offers this classic tank top tutorial. No sewing required, just scissors and an old t-shirt.


2. Basic No Sew Workout Tank Top

Easy No Sew Workout Tank



Was the above tutorial a little too advanced for you? This one should be more up your alley. Here is an easy way to turn your dad's old, giant t-shirt into a loose-fitting muscle tank. A hot pink sports bra really completes the look!


3. DIY Double Twist Open Back Tank Top

DIY Double Twist Racer Back Tank



Speaking of hot pink sports bras... This tutorial requires a bit of sewing, but it's so worth it for the final look. The double twist in the back is super cute and stands out from more basic DIY tank tops.


4. DIY Cross Front Crop Top

DIY Cross Top Crop Top



Ah! This crop top would be perfect for pilates, Zumba, or dance class. AND it's perfect for showcasing those rock hard abs you've gained after putting in time at the gym, right?


5. DIY Open Back Yoga Shirt

Open Back Yoga T-Shirt Craft



Here's another variation of a comfy, workout t-shirt that requires no sewing. The open back makes the shirt nice and breathable, but the tie across the shoulders makes it fashionable. Namaste!


6. No Sew Super Simple Crop Top T-Shirt

Basic White Crop Top DIY Instructions



Lastly, for our workout t-shirt DIYs, here is the #1 most simple! If you are not craft-minded and would like to be shown everything, no matter how simple, that's okay! This DIY will tell you the steps to take to create a simple crop top.



DIY Workout Accessories and Pants


7. DIY Turban Headband

Turban Headband



If you have long hair, you know the feeling of your bangs sticking to your forehead and face during a sweaty workout. It's gross. Like, literally the worst. This DIY headband uses old t-shirts to form a cute, twisted, turban-style wrap to help keep all your hair in it's place.


8. DIY Braided Headband

Braided Headband DIY



Another variation of a t-shirt fabric headband - this time, braided! This headband seems nice and sturdy, perfect to keep your hair out of your face, but still cute enough to wear on non-exercise occaisons.


9. DIY Ruched Leggings

T-Shirt Leggings Tutorial



These leggings are THE most adorable, and they seem great for a session on a yoga mat. The extra ruching on the side and the buttons are awesome extra details. Sewing machine required.


10. DIY Lounge Sweatpant Capris

Make Your Own Sweatpants



Have an old sweatshirt laying around? These tutorials are not just for t-shirts! Take an old crew neck sweater, follow these instructions, and you'll have a pair of capri sweats in no time.


11. T-Shirt Legwarmers Tutorial

How to make legwarmers



We're of the full opinion that legwarmers never went OUT of style, but we feel like we might be alone in that camp. Either way, this tutorial is perfect to customize and will keep your legs and ankles nice and cosy during dance class or yoga. (Or lounging on the couch afterwards, whatever.)



DIY Gym Bags and Workout Totes


12. DIY Arm Cuff iPod Holder

iPod Arm Cuff for Running



Going for a run and don't wanna hang on to your iPod the whole time? We don't either! This easy (minimal sewing!) tutorial uses old t-shirt fabric to create an armband with a pocket for your phone or MP3 player.


13. Sweatshirt Tote Bag Tutorial

Sweatshirt Tote Tutorial



This tote made of sweatshirt material is heavy duty and would be great to carry your gym shoes, workout clothes, and any other gear you might want to take with you. We love the braided handle!


14. DIY T-Shirt Workout Bag

Workout Bag from T-Shirt



Lastly, this simple gym tote tutorial gives you a second option for a bag to craft. The tutorial only requires a TINY bit of sewing.


What do you think? We hope we've inspired you to do a little arts and crafts, a little recycling, and maybe even a little exercising. All these crafts can be accomplished with our blank t-shirts and hoodies if you don't have anything in your closet you want to destroy. Let us know if you tried any of these tutorials!

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