18 Upcycled & DIY Shirt Projects: Cute Campus Edition

by |August 26, 2015
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DIY Dorm Room Crafts and T-Shirt Tutorials


School is back in session! There's plenty of time to go supply shopping, but, if you're starting college, don't forget about the new, exciting thing to prep for: dorm life! Living on campus is sooo different than what it's like in high school; you have your own living space, you get to go hang out in the commons between classes and at night, and, usually, you're in with a whole new group of people, so you have the chance to reinvent yourself, fashion-wise. However, starting the school year can be rough on the old pocketbook. With that in mind, we've found 18 different DIYs that you can do with old t-shirts that'll help you out this fall semester. There are tutorials for clothes crafts, accessories, and dorm decorations.



DIY T-Shirts & Clothes


1. Sequined Collar T-Shirt Tutorial

DIY Sequin Collar T-Shirt



With a needle, thread, and a whole bunch of gold sequins, you can turn a plain t-shirt into something glamorous!


2. Rocker Style Tank Top DIY

DIY Rocker Tank Top



This tutorial explains how to screen print a fun design on your shirt, as well as an easy way to cut up a tee to make an edgy tank.


3. Upcycled T-Shirt Hoodie Tutorial

DIY T-Shirt Hoodie



This DIY is for a kid's size hoodie, but there's no reason why you can't change the size to fit you! We bet it's so comfy!


4. T-Shirt Fabric Maxi Dress DIY

DIY Maxi Dress from T-Shirts



We can't believe that this maxi dress is made from different colored t-shirts! Very elegant, yet casual at the same time.


5. Cute Jumper Skirt Tutorial

Cute Suspender Jumper Skirt DIY



This t-shirt fabric jumper skirt with cute suspenders might be our favorite DIY on this list. Very 90s!


6. Upcycled Cat Stamp T-Shirt

Cat Stamp T-Shirt DIY



While this tutorial might be in another language, the pictures tell you everything you need to know. What's not to get about cat stamps?


7. Bow Back Tank Top DIY

DIY Bow Back Tie Dye Tank



Want a cute tank to wear while you're playing volleyball out on the quad on a Friday afternoon? This bow-back tank is sweet and sporty!


8. No Sew Basic Skirt Tutorial

DIY Jersey Skirt



Another casual, yet dressy item on this DIY list, this skirt made from an old t-shirt is perfect to make a great first impression with your professors.



DIY Accessories


9. T-Shirt Fabric Necklace DIY

DIY Necklace with T-Shirt Fabric



Can you believe that this is a hand-crafted necklace?! It looks so fancy! Perfect statement piece.


10. DIY Braided Headband

Braided T-Shirt Headband Tutorial



Living on campus usually means free access to the university gym; this headband will be perfect for when you're working out!


11. Super Cute Top Knot Headband DIY

Cute Knotted Headband Tutorial



This rounded bow headband is SO cute. It takes a little bit of sewing effort, but we think it's worth the extra work.


12. No Sew Drawstring Tote Bag DIY

Drawstring Tote DIY



Unfortunately, one of the bad parts of living in the dorms is having to do your own laundry for once in your life. These drawstring totes will make wash day a little cuter.


13. Easy T-Shirt Fabric Infinity Scarf Tutorial

DIY T-Shirt Infinity Scarf



A bright colored scarf is a perfect accessory for any outfit. This one, made with braided t-shirt fabric, is really adorable. We created a similar, even easier no-braid infinity scarf tutorial, here!



DIY Dorm Décor


14. Pom Pom Wall Art Tutorial

Pom Poms From T-Shirt Material



Pom poms are surpisingly easy and addictive to make. Here is a cute idea on how to display them for some fun wall art!


15. Neon Coiled T-Shirt Fabric Bowl DIY

Cute T-Shirt Fabric Bowls DIY



These bowls, in the neon and neutral tones, are great for holding spare change (if you have it), jewelry, or scraps of paper with boy's phone numbers, maybe.


16. Easy Framed T-Shirt Wall Art Tutorial

DIY T-Shirt Wall Art



Sometimes old t-shirts just don't fit you any more, but you can't bare to toss them out. Here is a great tutorial on how to display your favorite shirt logos without the stress of trying to squeeze into something three sizes too small.


17. Upcycled T-Shirt Braided Rug DIY

DIY Rag Rug with T-Shirts



We love the classic look of a multi-colored rag rug! Use scraps of all your old shirts that don't fit anymore to make this bedroom staple.


18. Simple Throw Pillow Tutorial

T-Shirt Pillow Tutorial



Lastly, throw pillows, the easiest way to decorate a small space. Have a bed? Throw a cute pillow on it! Empty couch corner? Pillow! Chair? PILLOW!


With all these ideas, you could throw a craft party for you and your new friends once school starts! Have everyone bring a bag of their old tees and you can mix and match with each other's shirts to get the perfect patterns for your custom t-shirt crafts. We also have blank t-shirts in a ton of different colors if you're looking for a specific shade.

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