2015 Back to School T-Shirt Shopping Guide

by |August 25, 2015
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Back to School Shirts Gift Guide


Your pencils are sharpened to perfection. You bought the expensive graphing calculator your new algebra teacher insists on. You even have your summer reading done and you're fully prepared to ace the dreaded first day of school pop quiz. But one very serious question still looms: what the heck are you going to wear!? It's a brand new year and a brand new you! Besides, it's about time you upgraded your wardrobe. We’ve compiled all of this year's coolest t-shirts so you don't have to worry about being “laaaaame.” All you have to worry about is getting to school before the bell rings and knowing your locker combination. Leave the t-shirt dilemma up to us!



Star Wars T-Shirts

Back to School Star Wars Shirts

Star Wars All Over Battle T-Shirt – Shop      Women’s R2D2 Rebel Tank Top – Shop

Boys Star Wars Vader’s Enforcers T-Shirt – Shop      Boba Fett Long Sleeved T-Shirt – Shop

Stormtrooper Long Sleeved T-Shirt – Shop      Men’s Let’s Cuddle and Watch Star Wars T-Shirt – Shop

Le Death Star Long Sleeved Women’s Shirt – Shop      Warriors of Mandaore T-Shirt – Shop


All Star Wars T-Shirts and Hoodies – Shop


Are you Team Skywalker or Team Vader? Would you rather pledge your allegiance to the Rebel Alliance or join The Dark Side and dream up evil schemes? Be honest, we won't judge! No matter what side you choose, you don't have to sacrifice your impeccable fashion sense. You can snuggle up in a long sleeve Stormtrooper tee while you doze off in the back of class, or grab the attention of your crush by wearing a shirt that advertises the fact that you'd love to cuddle and watch a Star Wars marathon. We also have new high-low style shirts for girls who want to stay trendy while giving off a vibe that says, “I'm nerdy on the inside!”



NFL T-Shirts

Back to School NFL T-Shirts

New England Patriots Cowl Hoodie Juniors – Shop      Minnesota Vikings Women’s T-Shirt – Shop

New York Giants Intarsia Sweater – Shop      Toddler Seattle Seahawks Raglan – Shop

Green Bay Packers Women’s T-Shirt – Shop      New Orleans Saints All American Raglan – Shop

Philadelphia Eagles Huddle Henley – Shop      Buffalo Bills Women’s T-Shirt – Shop


All NFL T-Shirts and Hoodies – Shop


There's nothing like jumping up and down in excitement over a touchdown with a complete stranger! Wearing an NFL tee is also a great way to make new friends at school. Just plop down next to a soon-to-be-BFF and ask, “did you catch the game last night?” Before you know it, you two will be sitting together watching sports with a big bag of flaming hot Cheetos nestled between you. Good news, ladies! These NFL t-shirts and hoodies feature new styles and graphics so sporty chicks don't have to compromise their keen fashion sense.



Disney & Cartoon T-Shirts

Back to School Disney T-Shirts

The Little Mermaid Juniors Racerback Tank Top – Shop      Frozen Anna Costume T-Shirt – Shop

Curious George Toddler Costume Hoodie – Shop      Boys Big Hero 6 T-Shirt – Shop

Minnie Mouse Ruffled Toddler’s Girls T-Shirt – Shop      Mickey Mouse Ringer Muscle Tank – Shop

Peter Pan Tink in Stars Junior Racerback Tank – Shop      Toddlers Care Bears Sweet T-Shirt – Shop


All Disney T-Shirts and Hoodies – Shop


Don't let anyone tell you that cartoons are just for kids. Sure, little tykes love cartoons, but big kids are fans, too! Your age doesn't matter–you’re never too old to throw on a Disney movie and pretend you're a princess. Check out our Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell tanks. They feature colorful backgrounds and look adorable with a pair of jeans. Boys will go bananas for a Curious George hoodie, and little girls will love saying cheese for school pictures while wearing a pretty pink Minnie Mouse tee.



Movie T-Shirts

Back to School Movie T-Shirts

The Sandlot “You’re Killing Me, Smalls!” T-Shirt – Shop      Alien Weyland Corp T-Shirt – Shop

Big Lebowski Urban Achievers T-Shirt – Shop      Fight Club Owning You Shirt – Shop

Youth Jurassic Park T-Shirt – Shop      Tommy Boy Callahan Auto Parts T-Shirt – Shop

Despicable Me Minions Unicorn Juniors Tank – Shop      Jurassic World T-Shirt – Shop


All Movie T-Shirts – Shop


Are you “that friend” who's constantly quoting Chris Farley in Tommy Boy? Do you throw out Big Lebowski one liners every chance you get? If you happen to be “that friend,” you need to pick out a movie tee, sir! You'll have fun calling your buddies an “L7 weenie” like you're one of the kids from The Sandlot. They'll take one look at Ham's face and they'll instantly crack a smile. Who knows, maybe your crush will notice your movie tee and strike up a conversation?! 



TV Show T-Shirts

Back to School TV Show T-Shirts

The X-Files Logo T-Shirt – Shop      Better Call Saul T-Shirt – Shop

I Am TARDIS Costume Hoodie – Shop      Doctor Who Time Lord Academy T-Shirt – Shop

Simpsons Pick Me Shirt – Shop      Boys Power Rangers Megaforce Hooded Long Sleeved Tee – Shop

Hey Arnold Bros T-Shirt – Shop      Women’s Doctor Who The Impossible Girl T-Shirt – Shop


All TV Show T-Shirts – Shop


It's back to school, so you know what that means...all your favorite TV shows are returning! YAY! All new episodes and all new drama sooo... you need some all new t-shirts to celebrate. You'll love lounging after a long school day in a comfy tee that advertises your favorite show. If you're geeking out and psyching up for the return of The X-Files, you need to wear your enthusiasm on your sleeve (or the front of your shirt)! Mulder and Scully would definitely approve.  



Superhero T-Shirts

Back to School Superhero T-Shirts

Deadpool Chillin’ Is My Business T-Shirt – Shop      Daredevil Gun City T-Shirt – Shop

Ant-Man Dissolving T-Shirt – Shop      Women’s Batman Logo Purple Raglan – Shop

Avengers Age of Ultron Racerback Tank – Shop

Women’s Captain America Shield Long Sleeve – Shop      Once You Go Bat T-Shirt – Shop

Deadpool Money Swords Chicks Tacos Shirt – Shop


All Superhero T-Shirts and Hoodies – Shop


Let's get real for a minute...superheroes are never going out of style. Do you think there will ever be a day when Captain America and Batman aren't considered cool anymore? No way, man! You'll always be the cool kid in class while you're wearing a superhero t-shirt. Summer's biggest superheroes like Ant-Man and the Avengers are featured on some of our newest officially licensed merch. Even when you grow to be Hulk-sized, you can still wear a t-shirt featuring your Marvel and DC favorites. Now, that totally kicks butt!



Video Game T-Shirts

Back to School Video Game T-Shirts

PlayStation Foil Logo T-Shirt – Shop      Women’s Pikachu Repeating Shirt – Shop

Atari Haynes Manual T-Shirt – Shop      Fallout Vault Boy Tee – Shop

Super Mario The Tanooki Shirt – Shop      Kids Minecraft Lucky Ocelot T-Shirt – Shop

Assassin’s Creed Logo T-Shirt – Shop      Legend of Zelda and Link Racerback – Shop


All Video Game T-Shirts and Hoodies – Shop


Looking for a shirt that will give you a +1? Good news, you won't have to unlock any levels or battle a boss in order to rock one of these sweet video game tees. We have everything from Minecraft to Mario and Atari to Assassins Creed. We can't guarantee that you'll feel an instant power surge when wearing one of these t-shirts, but we highly doubt that anyone will call you a noob! 



WWE T-Shirts

Back to School WWE T-Shirts

Ultimate Warrior Yell T-Shirt – Shop      Purple Macho Man Macho Madness T-Shirt – Shop

WWE Sting Face T-Shirt – Shop      WWE Old School Cast T-Shirt – Shop

NWO Tilted Logo T-Shirt – Shop      Austin 3:16 Stone Cold T-Shirt – Shop

The Rock B/W Pose Shirt – Shop      Boys John Cena Shirt – Shop


All WWE and Wrestling Shirts – Shop


Do you know what time it is?! It's WWE t-shirt purchasing time! If you personally think that The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin could whoop Cena's butt any day, you need to represent! Die hard wrestling fans will cheer over our WWE old school cast t-shirt, featuring all your favorite bone-crushers. Donning one of these ready-to-rumble tees will make you feel like you're wearing the championship belt. Now, step into the ring!


What shirt will you decide to rock on the first day of school? Not to put you into panic mode, but it's right around the corner! Grab your backpack and don't forget your lunch. Also, don't forget to tell us about all the compliments you get on the shirt you're reppin'. We'd love to read 'em! 



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