Boba Fett T-Shirts, Polos, & Hoodies

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Mandalorians, aside from their battle-ready nature, are also masters of fashionable style. Boba Fett has made it his personal mission to make Boba Fett t-shirts cooler than they already are. He’s come up with a game plan to do that. He’s putting his likeness on them to create the ultimate bounty hunter swag apparel.

First, he started off by creating replicas of his armor and turning them into, tanks and hoodies. Then, he took some cool action shots of himself and put them on some t-shirts. Then, he told us to go forth and make them available to the public! (When Boba Fett tells you to do something, you do it. If you refuse, then he just gives you a face full of blaster bolt). So, now they’re here and ready for you to wear.