C3PO T-Shirts

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Other droids in Star Wars have to be jealous of C-3PO. They spend all of their time calculating math equations, while C-3PO was busy just blinging himself out. He didn’t just get some gold jewelry or a gold tooth and call it good. By Episode III, he had his entire body dipped in gold. Talk about stylish! So if you want to take style and apparel tips from a droid, then this skip over R2-D2 and keep your eyes on this guy. That’s why we’ve got C-3PO shirts and apparel to up your Star Wars bling game.

Whether you idolize the droid and want to look just like him, or you just want to bring the likeness of C-3PO with you wherever you go, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered up shirts, tanks and other apparel that will help you get your C-3PO on.