Cat Shirts

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Long ago, in ancient Egypt, cats ruled the world. The humans of the day worshiped them as supernatural beings, serving them day and night. Slowly, this tradition faded and everyone thought cats were satisfied with being nothing more than ordinary house pets, but then…the internet came. Suddenly, cats revealed their new plans for world domination! Soon, they become the subject of every internet meme and funny gif. Now cats on are on every t-shirt and hoodie around! Their next step? To take control of all major nations on Earth!

Of course, we’re pretty excited for the new cat dictatorship and have geared up with a whole line of cat shirts. Nothing says, “We love our new cat overlords,” better than a cute kitty shirt. (And flattery is very important for cats. They can never get enough of it!) We carry many styles, from your Grumpy Cat, to Nyan Cat and other priceless specimens of adorableness. And don’t worry! We carry fancy feline shirts for women and men, so you can find something that fits your style AND celebrates our new cat leaders.

So, if you want to be ahead of the game for when the great cat coup d’état happens, you’d better be geared up with a cute cat tee. There’s really no telling what those cats will do if you don’t comply with them. (We imagine it’s lifetime litter box duty).