Deadpool Shirts & Hoodies

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We decided to let the Marvel comic book character himself write about these Deadpool shirts. Here’s what happened:

“Guess who’s back, baby? Me. Deadpool. Wade Wilson. Wait, you’re not going to tell anyone my secret identity, are you? I might have to do something REALLY crazy if you did that. Listen, I’m here to tell you something really important. You need to wear a shirt with me on it. Why? Because I’m awesome. Wow! Would you look at that! There are TONS of shirts, tanks and hoodies with me on them. How about that? I’ll leave you with one final thought. If you’re not wearing a shirt with my face on it, a hundred alpacas will invade your home and eat all of your furniture.”

We’re not sure if his take on things is completely accurate, but we have plenty of his shirts and our furniture has never been eaten by alpacas (except that one time, but that was Steve’s fault).