Father's Day Shirts

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Oh dad! What do you get a man whose favorite activities include screaming at the television, cracking open a few beers, falling asleep on the recliner, and changing the oil of his car? Hmm, good question! Here's a hint: he doesn't want another tie or universal remote control. Get him something that he could use and also think of you when he is using or wearing it.

Do dad a favor and toss out some of his ratty, beer-stained shirts and replace them with some newer, fresh, and in-style t-shirts. Get him a beer logo shirt of his favorite beer. Is he a big sports fan? Get him a football shirt so he can have something to wear while he yells at his favorite team to score a touchdown. Your mom will even thank you for making your dad so trendy. These Father's Day T-Shirts are basically a win-win for everyone!