Jurassic Park Shirts

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"Welcome... to Jurassic Park"

Rich billionaire John Hammond hired the best park builders and scientists to create the most state of the art park the world has ever seen; spared no expense of course. With the main attractions of this park being dinosaurs he decided to have paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant and paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler flown in to give the park a great recommendation. These two dinosaur experts are joined by John Hammond's grandkids Tim and Lex and also chaos theorist Dr. Ian Malcolm and are given a tour of the whole park. But as they're being shown the sights something goes haywire in the park and the dinosaurs escape. Will they be able to survive attacking Rex's and Velociraptors and make their way off the island?

"Clever girl... you're wearing a Jurrassic Park shirt!" Now you can look just like a visitor to the greatest theme park ever when you wear one of our Jurassic Park shirts. All we can say now is that life finds away.