Little Mermaid Shirts & Hoodies

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Ariel is not your typical Disney princess. She has a BFF fish named Flounder, she uses a ‘dinglehopper’ to brush her hair, and she yearns to know what it’s like to walk on land. It’s safe to say that the Little Mermaid is pretty cool. Which begs the question, who wouldn’t want a shirt featuring the coolest princess under the sea? These adorable tees are so cute and unique they’ll be making you sing, ‘ah, ah, ahhh’ just like Ariel.

All this official Disney merchandise is perfect for toddlers, girls, teens, and women. Ariel can be loved by everyone. We sell bright colored, polka dot tees, long sleeves, and hoodies that little girls love because they feature embellishments and sparkles. Women can indulge themselves with a cute hipster Ariel tank, a comfortable hologram pullover sweatshirt, or a classic raglan. You’ll have the best of both worlds: you’ll have the friendly finned red-head with you at all times but you’ll be able to walk on land. Oh, and if you wear one of these Little Mermaid Shirts, you could attract your very own Prince Eric!