M&M Shirts

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After toiling away, mixing together chocolate, peanuts and even pretzels, we found out that apparel made of real M&Ms just isn't really all that feasible (unfortunately). There's just too much temptation to munch on the shirt, and trust us, eating your shirt could turn into a problem (especially if you are prone to snacking in public. Yikes!).

So instead, we just decided to go with regular M&M tees with all the awesome characters from the commercials on them. Are you more of a yellow M&M kind of guy? He’s so cute and a little dumb so he is easy to love. Ladies, don’t you worry we have just the t-shirt for you. You will feel irresistible in a women’s green costume t-shirt. What man could resist the dreamy-eyed chocolate treat? Dress the whole family up in bright colored candy tees and snap a picture. These t-shirts are less edible, by like 100%, but they're more comfortable than the candy shell one we tried making.