Mickey Mouse Shirts & Hoodies

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Raise your glass for the mouse with the most. Do you even have to ask who that may be? It’s the mouse with the red shorts and the big yellow shoes: Mickey Mouse, of course! You know him from The House of Mouse and the Mickey Mouse Club. Yea…he’s a pretty big deal. Having the most famous mouse on your shirt is desirable to say the least, and boy, do we have a selection of tees for you and the whole family.

Walt Disney’s mouse creation is on many of our classic shirts for men and women. Ladies can dress like the friendliest mouse around by wearing a cute tunic tank or our unique hoodie dress. Little boys and girls will love wearing the most recognizable mouse on their long sleeve shirts and tanks. Guys, don’t worry, we have sweatshirts and tees with the new school Mickey and the old school Mickey, even Steamboat Willie makes an appearance on a few shirts.