My Little Pony Shirts

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Children of the 80s know that My Little Pony started in 1983 as a toy line from Hasbro. Aimed at young girls, the pony figurines featured bright colors, brushable hair, and familiar shape designs like hearts and rainbows. While the soon-to-follow cartoon was a true classic, the franchise soared to new heights in 2010 when My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic premiered as a reboot to the franchise.

If you're in love with My Little Pony then you may fall in love with our My Little Pony apparel! We have tees, hoodies and tunics that feature your favorite characters like Rainbow Dash. With sizes big and small, and feminine cuts as well as shirts designed specifically for Bronies, you just can't go wrong! Whether young or old, or somewhere in the middle we have a fit that will make you look 20% cooler. Our My Little Pony shirts are a must for any fan of the show!