Peanuts Shirts

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Good grief! Did you know that the name "Peanuts" was given to the comic strip by United Features Syndicate and not by cartoonist Charles Schulz? And that Schulz actually detested the name because he thought it was meaningless? But the syndicate said that the name Schulz preferred, "Li'l Folks," was too much like the names of other existing strips. So Schulz agreed, and the most popular comic strip of all time entered syndication. 

Our Peanuts T-shirts feature the most beloved characters on shirts for men, women and kids. You can choose "Good ol' Charlie Brown." Or Lucy the fussbudget. Linus with his security blanket. Snoopy in various situations. Or a group image of all the characters together. 

If you've ever tried unsuccessfully to kick a football, manage a baseball team, fly a kite or direct a Christmas play, you can relate to Charlie Brown's misadventures. But somehow, everything usually turns out all right. That's why Schulz's characters are so beloved and enduring. So wish the Peanuts gang a Merry Christmas or celebrate Snoopy's many dreams with one of our Peanuts T-shirts!