Princess Leia Shirts & Dresses

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It all started with the cinnamon bun hairstyle. Not every girl can pull off a hairdo like that, but Princess Leia does it right. Notice how she wields her light saber and not a strand of hair moves an inch. Part of that skill is hard work and the other part is pure style. Princess Leia has got style, no doubt about that. We can help you out if you are interested in snagging her snazzy intergalactic wardrobe. We have a skater dress modeled after the one she wore. It’s a hooded dress and the hood is made to look like none other than Leia’s popular cinnamon bun hairstyle. How sweet is that? Get Princess Leia’s bikini style without showing any skin. We sell a tank top made to look like the iconic bikini she wears while she’s enslaved by  Jabba the Hut. It also never hurts to get your little one in Princess Leia garb at a very early age. Start them young and wrap your little princess in a Princess Leia onesie. She’ll thank you when she’s older!