St Patricks Day Shirts

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They say that everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day even if your ancestors never set foot on the Emerald Isle. So celebrate Ireland's patron saint in one of our St. Patrick's Day T-shirts. They'll help you with the essential "wearing of the green" so you won't get pinched!  

Our St. Patrick's Day shirts come in styles for men and for women. Become an informal Leprechaun, warn off anyone who might pinch you, or proclaim your state of inebriation. You can be cute, brash or even offensive, but one thing's for sure: you'll look great in green! With sizes and styles for any body type, this selection of shirts has got you covered. So peruse wisely, head down to your neighborhood pub in one of our shirts, and drink a toast to the luck of the Irish! 

St Patricks Day Shirts

How Appropriate Is Your St. Patty's Day Shirt?

So it's that time of year again, and St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner. Luckily this year you've thought about it ahead of time and aren't going to get caught without some green on. But with a bevy of St. Patrick's Day apparel, what is one to do in choosing the right look? Luckily, has got you covered. While some people prefer to act like a saint on St. Patty's, there are plenty of others who just want some debaucherous Irish inspired fun. So we've assembled a handy go-to guide to help you gauge how appropriate your green shirt of choice is. Read and reflect on these great t-shirt ideas, and then start your preparations for the best St. Patrick's Day ever!

Cute Shirts: Funny and Completely Okay for the Family

Lucky T-Shirt

This Lucky tee shows off that you are indeed lucky. Also: cute, charming, cordial and always down for a good time! While you might not want everyone to know that you're heading straight to the pub after work, you can maintain that good girl image with this cute tee.

Rainbow Suspenders Shirt

Maybe you want to show off a little bit of funky style but still prefer to wear something 100% family friendly. With rainbow suspenders and a generous sized shamrock, this shirt will show that you are a classy little leprechaun. It has the perfect amount of flair for a low key kickback or a rowdy night with Ireland's finest.

Clever Shirts: Might Not Describe Appropriate Activities for Kids, but They Won't Require Therapy After Seeing Your Shirt

Dublin Your Pleasure T-Shirt

What could be more clever than a play on words? This tee is perfect for when you need to order two beers instead of one at the bar. Why wait around when that green beer is going down oh-so-well? It's also a subtle hint to the ladies that you know your way around... the keg tap. Rock this look when you're in the mood for green and a good time.

Paddy's Irish Pub T-Shirt

We'll definitely file this classic It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia t-shirt under the “clever” category. To those who aren't familiar with the FX show, it's just a cute St. Patrick's themed tee. For those in the know, it will be a hint that you just may be devious, debaucherous or just downright deranged! It's the perfect look for when you have no idea what to expect at your St. Pat's party.

Amusing Shirts: The Jokes are Alcohol Related, but Adults Are Not Uncomfortable Around You

Keep Calm and Drink Beer Shirt

It's okay St Patrick's celebrators around the world. March 17th is here, and there is NO reason to freak out. This shirt plays on the popular Keep Calm theme so that everyone knows it's going to be okay. Just drink your beer like every other day, and if you happen to drink a few more than usual, it's not going to be a problem! After all, it's not like you get to drink green beer everyday...

Irish Whiskey Makes Me Frisky Shirt

Most of the drinking world knows that whiskey has certain powers above all other spirits. And Irish whiskey is like no other! Wearing this shirt to the bar is a sure fire way to get some free drinks. And whether or not you indeed get a little frisky with Ireland's favorite spirit, you're sure to meet some nice Irish lads.

Mean Shirts: You're Drunk and Starting to Offend

Fight Me I'm Irish Shirt

As we were saying, drinking Irish whiskey has a bit of a reputation. And it goes without saying the Irish men have a bit of a reputation too. If you picture your St. Patrick's night ending in a Paddywagon (hehe...) this shirt will show that you're not taking gruff from anybody at the pub. It's the perfect look if you're headed out for the night without a care in the world.

Punch Me and I'll Punch You Shirt

You can let the world know that it would not be wise to mess with you on St. Patrick's Day with this shirt. If you're a tough girl who's full blooded Irish (And you know what they say on St. Pat's, everyone's a little bit Irish) you know full well how to dole out the punches. This shirt will let everyone know that funny business is off limits, well, at least as long as the shirt is still on...

Lewd Shirts: The Joke is in Poor Taste. People Who Tend to Be Offended by T-Shirts Are Going to be Very Displeased.

Fit Shaced on Paint Sat's Shirt

You might have a bit of a one track mind on St. Patrick's Day: Drinking, drinking, hell-raising and drinking. You can start your day with a beer, and by noon you'll really be able to interpret the meaning of life. And of course what this funny t-shirt is referring to. Let folks know that you mean business with this Fit Shaced tee!

Hello, My Name is Pat McCrotch Shirt

You might be looking for love this St. Patty's but we're going to be honest... this shirt probably isn't the best way. Your cred with your buds will be at an all-time high though, when you go and introduce yourself to a young lady as Pat. Pat McCrotch. He's handsome, but his lewd demeanor can be just a bit of a put-off to the classier sex.