Star Wars T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Ever since the first time you saw the opening title of Star Wars scroll down the screen, you've been hooked. Now you can show off your fanboy (or girl) status in one of our Star Wars t-shirts or hoodies! We have assembled the web's most dynamic collection of licensed apparel, and we're sure to have the style that you are looking for! With both classic and vintage apparel and the of course the latest in Star Wars chic, you're sure to find a feel that suits your tastes. With mens and womens sizes for both adults and children any fan will feel right at home in one of these shirts. With all of your favorite characters like Wicket the Ewok, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Chewbacca the only decision you'll have to make is which one you want to wear today! Be a part of the galaxy far far away with these great Star Wars tees!

Star Wars T-Shirts and Hoodies

Star Wars Shirt Style Guide for Men

It all seemed so much simpler when we were kids. You could just wear your favorite Star Wars t-shirt to school, and no matter what else you were wearing, you'd be the envy of the other kids. These days you have to step up your style but we don't think it should be at the expense of wearing your favorite shirt! We've curated examples of how to be fashion forward with a cool Star Wars shirt so that you can show off your Jedi style. Check out these contemporary looks, and even if you prefer the dark side to the light, you'll be able the find one that suits you!

Vintage Star Wars T-Shirt

This vintage print t-shirt and solid long sleeve shirt is one of those old school styles that never looks outdated, and savvy guys know that it's both a fashionable and practical way to keep your favorite tees in rotation all year long. Throw this classic Star Wars X-Wing shirt on over your long sleeved t-shirt or thermal, and you'll be looking ready for a day of classes at the Rebel Pilot's Academy!

Flannel Over T-Shirt

Pair a classic flannel button down with your favorite Star Wars tee. This iconic look is the epitome of casual cool. Your favorite shirt will look right at home underneath a flannel. It will keep you comfortable if the weather might takes a turn towards the cooler side but you'll still be able to show off your Star Wars swagger with just a touch of class. And the best part is, if you need to look dressier in a snap, you can just button up and tuck in, and you'll be ready for whatever life might throw at you!

Button Up Over T-Shirt

Hey flannel's not for everybody, but fortunately any button up shirt will do! Pick out your favorite casual button up and match it up with a Star Wars shirt to be a cool cat, or day we say it -- a galactic hipster! For a comfortable cool look, pick a shirt with a short, rounded hem and roll your sleeves to above the wrist or just below the elbow. Throw on a pair of shades, and you'll be ready for a night in any Cantina from Los Angeles to Mos Eisley.

Dia de Los Muertos Star Wars T-Shirt

So we know that building out your wardrobe isn't exactly every guys favorite way to spend their time. Fortunately wearing a Star Wars t-shirt with style doesn’t have to be complicated. You can just pick out a fashion forward design, tuck the front and wear it with your favorite pair of jeans. We recommend a belt for a more polished look. What's easier than that? This shirt has a festive Dia de Los Muertos inspired design, in case those Stormtroopers ever made their way south of the border. You’ll look ready to host the first ever fiesta aboard the Death Star!

Star Wars Shirt Style Guide for Women

For the ladies of the Star Wars universe, it hasn't always been so easy to show off your Star Wars fandom. As if putting your hair into a Leia bun wasn't hard enough! But with our cool shirts and styles, the time has arrived to show off that you're a geek girl. Whether you're looking for a daytime look, a nightlife "in the club" look or even just a weekend on Dagobah, we have some ideas that will bring the best out of your closet. That is, if your closet was originally from a galaxy far, far away...

Vintage Star Wars T-Shirt for Women

Vintage is still in, but you already knew that! You can pair an awesome vintage Star Wars shirt with any of your favorite styles, but black is going to be hard to beat. A black leather jacket with black capris will highlight your retro tee, and show off that you have a fashion sense that is truly timeless. Wear it with heels for a night out, or with your sneakers for an uptown style that steals the spotlight.

Vintage V-Neck Star Wars T-Shirt for Women

If only guys knew how much effort it takes to make it look like you didn't put any effort into your outfit! This retro shirt features a v-neck and sleeve piping for that authentic 70s look. With your favorite pair of distressed jeans and a flannel wrapped around your waist to add interest, you'll look like a Star Wars fan from any era! Wear it to the premiere of the newest Star Wars movie, a night out with the girls or even just for a night in with your favorite scruffy looking nerf herder.

Star Wars Graphic T-Shirt for Women

Wearing patterns on top of patterns has the danger of leading to a fashion mishap, but true fashionistas know how to deal with the challenge. Pair your Star Wars graphic tee with a floral printed skater skirt! You knew all along that R2-D2, C-3PO and flowers would be a winning combo! Top the look off with a cropped jean jacket because jean jackets just make every outfit better. With this cute look, your Luke will know that these are the droids he's been looking for!

Comic Book Inspired Star Wars T-Shirt for Women

Take geek chic to a whole new level. Pair your comic book inspired Star Wars t-shirt with a bright body-con skirt. The form-fitting skirt and t-shirt combination will give you an edgy look. The skirt gives the outfit a pop of color and compliments your shape. Wear this outfit with heels for a dressy occasion or just throw on your favorite pair of sneakers for a more relaxed look. It's perfect for when you want to really stand out at the comic-con after-party!

Star Wars Costume Shirts

While you can't always live in a galaxy far, far away (you know with school and work and all that stuff) you CAN always look like a resident of the Star Wars universe. These costume tees are perfect to show off your geeky side or to wear for a quick and easy costumed event, or just for any day you want to have a little fun. These cool looks are a fashionable choice for fans or anyone who's looking to add a little geek chic to their wardrobe. Check out our favorites and see if they get your hyperdrive fired up!

Darth Vader Star Wars Costume T-Shirt

There are some days... actually most days, we wish we could add a little bravado to our wardrobe. It's not that you necessarily want to force choke hold the people you deal with on a day to day basis, but if you could muster just a little more respect out of them things might go more smoothly. This Darth Vader shirt is the perfect way to channel a bit of the ultimate Sith Lord. It's your choice whether or not you actually want to subscribe to the Dark Side, but either way this shirt is a great everyday look.

Chewbacca Star Wars Costume T-Shirt

"Rwwaraaararrrrrrrr" We don't really get how Han can understand Wookiee since all of Chewie's various roars and moans sound the same to us. But you can leave your friends guessing as to what you're saying when you go as Han Solo's galaxy-famous co-pilot. With the faux fur print, you can look like Chewie or any other denizen of Kashyyyk. Since everyone loves Chewbacca you're guaranteed to get a lot of smiles with this look. And hey, you can always add a mask to go for a full-fledged Chewbacca impersonation!

R2D2 Star Wars Costume Tank Top for Women

Oh, Artoo! Everyone's favorite Astromech droid had a lot of beeps and whistles, and seemingly a tool for every scenario. While it would be hard to replicate that with a tank top, you can have a little bit of fun with this shirt. You'll have to rely on your smile instead of your bells and whistles, but we're pretty sure any Jedi would be glad to have you along for the ride with your superior navigational skills. This tank is perfect for a beautiful summer day, or for a fun party look. Find yourself a C3PO to hang out with and you're sure to be the most popular group at the shindig!

Stormtrooper Star Wars Costume Tank Top for Women

Did we miss something? Because last time we checked, Stormtroopers never looked this good! Bring some style into the Imperial ranks with this cute Stormtrooper tank top. You can guard Darth Vader or just guard your patrol, but if it happens to be on Tatooine we think you'll be much more comfortable in a tank than all that cumbersome armor. Even here on Earth, Rebels will be no match for your sharp shooting skills when you hit your local beach. Pair this tank with leggings or shorts for a fun summertime look.

More Star Wars Clothing and Accessories

When you are a Star Wars super fan, you can't rely on just any old clothes and accessories to get through your day. You're going to need stuff that is out of this galaxy! Don't fear, has got you covered. With polos, hoodies and authentic accessories you can make sure everything you own has a little bit of geek style. Check out some of our favorites, and browse our huge collection to pick out yours!

Star Wars Polo

So the Imperial AT-AT brigade couldn't have spent all their time training, right? We like to imagine officers of the Galactic Empire taking vacations at country club-like planets, complete with tennis and golf matches to fill up their time. If that happens to be the case, they'd want a cool polo and so will you! This polo features a miniature embroidered AT-AT so friends will know you have no qualms about leveling a Rebel base. Just one of many Star Wars polo shirts to choose from!

Boba Fett Backpack

Bounty Hunters had a lot of gear to haul to capture their prey, and we're guessing that Boba Fett would want this backpack to carry his stuff. It's perfect for carrying the gear needed to catch smugglers who drop their spice cargo (who does that!!) but it's equally adept at carrying your notebooks and an iPad or two. With cool Mandalorian graphics and logos, it'll fit in equally well on campus or in the office.

Chewbacca Robe

There are some days when you just know you're not going to leave the house and you want to relax in total comfort. But that's no excuse not to have a little Star Wars fun while you’re at it! This Chewbacca robe will let you relax with the softness that only synthetic Wookiee fur can provide. Besides being comfortable, wearing a Chewbacca robe could have other benefits should you find yourself facing off against your roommates in a game of holographic chess. They'll probably let you win, since Wookiees have been known to pull peoples’ arms out of their sockets when they lose.

Princess Leia Skater Dress

We're not quite sure what Leia would have worn when she didn't have to wear her diplomatic attire, but we're guessing her choice would have looked something like this. With a cool, clean style it would let her maintain her reputation as a Princess while still showing off her fun side. Plus having some flip-up hair buns would be a major relief for her hair stylist!

R2D2 Leggings

Don't fret about not having the right pants to accent your new Star Wars ensemble. has got legs covered too! These cute leggings feature a print of the lovable astromech droid on each leg. He might not be ready to pilot your fighter but he will be ready to add some cute droid style to any outfit. Wear it with your favorite t-shirt or with a blouse for a funky look!

Tauntaun Hoodie

This hoodie will be a fun way to finally prove to your friends that tauntauns are not the smelliest creatures in the universe. You can wear this hoodie for a full day of classes, dress up day at work or even when you're chilling at home watching tropical vacation movies. It's not like a real tauntaun would want be thinking about life back home on Hoth, after all!